6 things that annoy me

01.♥ People who say you can’t compare animals to people. In my opinion, believing that you belong to the only species on earth capable of feeling pain, fear, sadness, love or any other emotion, or that somehow your species are the only species who has value and that all the other species exist simply for your entertainment, makes you a very delusional person.

02.♥ Hunting. Taking a life shouldn’t be a sport. Say what you want about it, but if you enjoy committing murder, you have some psychopathic traits. It’s not healthy getting super excited over the fact that you are about to kill a defenseless being.

03.♥ People who talk during movies.

04.♥ Guys who send me inappropriate messages even though I have a boyfriend. If you are so desperate to get laid that you are willing to hurt someone else, you’re everything that’s wrong with this world. And if you assume I’m some low life cheating b*tch who will jump on any d*ck just because it’s attached to a guy who tells me I’m pretty, you’re wrong.

05.♥ People who walk – or drive – painfully slow.

06.♥ People who leave nasty comments on my pictures. B*tch, were you raised in a toilet? Cause your behavior stinks.


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