A change of plans

A few days ago we had our first meal in our new apartment. We haven’t officially moved in yet, or even started unboxing things. In fact, we’re not even finished packing our belongings at home (in our current apartment), but at least we’ve had our first meal.

We’ve decided that we’re not gonna paint the walls or do any changes to the apartment’s appearance until spring. That way it’ll be warm enough to keep the windows open and air out the chemical smell once we do decide to paint it. It’ll also give us some time to think about what colors we want, and what, exactly, we want to change. We’ve been talking about epoxy coating the floor and painting the walls white, but we’ll see.

I originally wanted the living room to have gray walls and look like this (pictured below), but unfortunately, my fiancè isn’t too keen on the idea.

What do you guys think?


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