Benjamin’s baptism

Benjamin Andrè, my older sister’s son, was baptized today. In his honor, my mom and I spent yesterday decorating the house and baking cakes, making everything ready for today’s celebration.

Didn’t it turn out great? I think so.

These cakes were sooo good! I probably should’ve taken the pictures before we started eating, though. Oopsie.

From the left: my sister, her boyfriend, their daughter Emilie and little Benjamin. I’ve chosen to hide their faces to respect their privacy.

When the party was over and guests started leaving, my mom and I drove grandpa home. He was so proud to show off all his medals from his younger days, and pictures of him and grandma. There’s even one in his living room, with a text that reads married for 56 years. So beautiful. «That’s my wife», he said, «she passed away 3 years ago».


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