Tumblr banning adult content? Don’t worry!

Ever since Tumblr announced that they’ll be banning and deleting all sexual content from their platform on December 17th, people on Facebook haven’t stopped complaining about it. While people aren’t too comfortable discussing their porn watching habits in general, they are more than comfortable voicing the fact that they enjoy watching, and publishing, porn on Tumblr.

If you’re sad to see your favorite porn removed from Tumblr, don’t worry! There’s a replacement!

Blogr.xxx has been around for years. It started out as just another, lesser known, blogging platform like tumblr, but has grown to become a community of sex blogs and porn sharing. I guess you could say that while Tumblr chose to fight against what it was becoming, Blogr chose to embrace it. So there you have it: a new place to share your 18+ content. Enjoy! ?


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