Fun things to do with your family this easter

It’s almost bunny season! Or easter, as normal people usually call it. In Norway, we have a saying that “Christmas lasts until Easter”, which to be honest, never made any sense to me. With that said, easter and Christmas do have a few things in common: they are both pagan holidays turned Christian, and they’re both all about family. So here is a list of fun things to do with your family this Easter.

01.♥ Swap the old pillowcases for some Easter themed ones. Purchase one or more of the ones above, or simply go full DIY and create your own. You can find number 1 here, number 2 here and number 3 here.

02.♥ Go to the pet store (with or without your kids) and look at bunnies. If you’re lucky, the owner will let you hold/feed/play with them. It’s a great way for the bunnies to get more comfortable with people, as well as for you and your kids/nephews/nieces to bond over how cute they are, without having to take on the responsibility that comes with buying a new pet.

03.♥ Have an Easter egg hunt! Hide colored eggs all around the house and yard and have the whole family compete against each other in finding the most eggs. Using plastic eggs will make the whole experience better because your kids can actually drop them or squeeze them without breaking them. If you like the colored ones above, you can find them here.

Decorate eggs! While painting plastic eggs can be tricky, there are plenty of other things to do with them. Like glue sequins or fabric onto them, draw on them using different colored sharpies, put stickers on them. Get 100 eggs here, and decorate away! Of course, you can also use real eggs from the supermarket, but artificial ones let you kid drop them without breaking them, so there’s that. And more importantly: they are vegan, which means your vegan friends and family can join in on the fun as well. Get them here.

Have the whole family wear bunny ears – or even better: bunny costumes! It’s fun for the kids. Get costumes in kids size here and adult size here. Ears are here.

Go feed the birds. The pigeons in town, or the ducks and swans by the lake. Contrary to what you might have been told, feeding birds bread is a big no-no. Give them sunflower seeds, uncooked oatmeal or unsalted peanuts instead.

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