Movies I’ve seen lately

 The Darkest Minds

When kids start dropping dead from a mysterious disease, the survivors gain unusual abilities. The government quickly take action, building so-called rehabilitation camps in an attempt to contain and hopefully cure the children. They are divided into groups based on their abilities. The least dangerous ones are called Greens. Then follows gold. The most dangerous ones are called Orange and Red and have the ability to control other peoples minds and memories.  Children categorized as orange or red are shot on sight. Ruby is ten years old when she finds out that she has orange abilities. Seeing that her parents are worried about her, she decides to erase every memory they have of her. As a result, when her mother wakes up the next morning not knowing who the ten-year-old girl in her kitchen is, Ruby is sent to a rehabilitation camp, where she uses her ability to convince her doctor she’s a green rather than an orange. Six years later a test reveals the truth, and Ruby finds herself running for her life.

In my opinion, this is one of the best movies made this year! If you’re into sci-fi movies with a little bit of romance, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!



Annie Graham lives with her husband Steve and their two children: Peter (16) and Charlie (13). Not too long after Annie’s mother, Ellen, passes away, Steve is informed that Ellens grave has been desecrated. Annie decides to seek comfort in a support group, where she befriends a seemingly nice woman named Joan. Later that evening Peter asks his mother if he can go to a school event, knowing she wouldn’t let him attend an alcoholic party. She lets him leave on one condition: he has to bring his younger sister along. Charlie quickly gets bored and wander around the house by herself, where she finds a cake and eats it. It turns out that the cake contained nuts, which she’s allergic to and she falls into anaphylactic shock. Peter drives as fast as he can to get her to the hospital in time, but as he swerves to avoid a dead animal in the road, Charlie, leaning out the window gasping for fresh air, is decapitated by a telephone pole. As the family mourns Charlie’s death, Joan suggests they should try a seanse to talk to Charlie’s ghost. This seems like a good idea, until objects begin to move and break.

I give this movie 3 stars, simply because it’s entertaining and different from your typical horror movie. What ruins it, in my opinion, is the ending. More precisely the part where a levitating Annie beheads herself with a piano wire, and the parts where she’s creeping around the house, moving from one corner of the roof to another. It gets to a point where it’s just too silly. Other than that, it’s a great movie.



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