Hair extensions are pricey. If you’re low on money, chances are, you simply can’t afford them. At least not without having to save up money for them first. Synthetic wigs, however, tend to be a lot cheaper. So in this blog post, I’m gonna show you how to turn a cheap wig into a full head of hair extensions.


A wig ( here )
Clips ( here )


Flip your wig upside down and inside out, so you can easily see where the hair strips are sewn.

Cut out the fabric between the strips.

If done correctly, you should now have a bunch of hair strips similar to the ones pictured above. If you think they’re a little too thin, you can sew one or two on top of each other to make them thicker.

Sew a clip in the left corner, then another one in the right corner, as pictured above. If your strips are very long, you should also put one to two in the middle of the strip.

That’s it! You should now have a handful of hair extensions, ready to be clipped into your hair! Just remember that they are synthetic, and should never be dyed, washed in hot water, brushed when wet or curled/straightened with a curling iron.


If you’re into makeup, like me, you’ve probably noticed how people have high expectations about every foundation they buy. It has to stay flawless all day long, feel light, yet give just the right amount of coverage. It has to blend well with your skin tone, have the right shade, and shouldn’t clog your pores. When it comes to lipstick, however, it seems as if people don’t really care as long as they like the color. In my opinion, they should. They really should care. Because a bad lipstick can ruin your look completely.

Don’t get me wrong: color is important. Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick will make you look worse than not wearing any at all, so paying attention to the shade you wear and how well it goes with your skin tone and hair color is important. What’s more important, is the quality of the stick: how well it stays on. You really don’t want it to be too creamy. Creamy sticks tend to transfer onto everything you eat and drink, and will be gone before you’ve finished your meal.

What you want, is a harder lipstick. One that actually stays in place. You have to be careful, though, because you really don’t want one that’s too hard. It won’t blend into the lips and will just sit on them as if you dyed them with a sharpie. It looks weird.

I’ve tried pretty much everything, and I keep going back to MAC. This is why:

♥ They have just the right texture
♥ They are highly pigmented
♥ They stay in place even when you’re swimming
♥ They come in many different shades.

In the picture above I’m wearing MAC lipstick. The shade is called candy yum yum. Another favorite of mine is pink noveau, which is a more natural and lighter pink than candy yum yum.

«Hey! We overslept!» Those were the first words I said to my fiancè this morning when I woke up at 07:27 AM. I quickly got out of bed, put on the first pair of clothing I could find, put my hair in a ponytail and went to find our youngest cat, Argentina. We made the appointment at 08:15, and I watched as the vet gave her some sedatives and shaved her stomach, making her ready for neutering.

We left the clinic with a bunch of free stuff, so I can’t really complain, even though the procedure ended up costing us three times as much as we were told beforehand. Why? I have no idea.

Our little baby girl has a whole new diet to adjust to. She will also be fed painkillers for the next couple of days. I don’t think she’s happy about it, but it’s for her own good.

Last night, as thousands of fireworks lit up the sky, my boyfriend did something that changed our relationship. I was in a bad mood that evening, so while he ran off with his friends to light up some fireworks of their own, I decided I’d rather stay in the car by myself and be grumpy.

After a while, he came back, got in the car with me, and asked me what was wrong. I told him I was cold and wanted to go home. He told me: «you better cheer up, or I might not do what I’ve been thinking about doing».

«Yeah? What’s that?», I asked, thinking it was something silly, like snowball fights with his buddies.

Turns out, he had something else planned:

proposing to me. And he did it, right there in the car.

So no, he’s not my boyfriend anymore. He’s my fiancè.

Happy new year.