What did I get for Christmas this year? I’ll tell you soon enough. But first, here are some of the things people got from me ?.

Mom and dad got their own «worlds best mom» and «worlds best dad» mugs. I gave them personalized jewelry last Christmas, so I thought I’d give them something more useful this year. Mom can’t survive without coffee and daddy’s a tea drinker, so hopefully, these come in handy.

For my niece Emilie, I got this cute dress. I received a text on Christmas Eve saying she absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it. Aww!

It’s my nephew Benjamin’s first Christmas and I really wanted to buy him a «my first Christmas» outfit, but I decided on this one instead. Because 1 it’s prettier, and 2 it matches his sister Emilie’s outfit better.

As mentioned before, my biological mom recently got diagnosed with cancer. So I really wanted to put a smile on her face this Christmas. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Since my mother is a lot like me, I knew she’d find this hilarious.

Of course, I also gave my mom a proper gift. The pussy pants were just for laughs.

My niece Angelica is going through her Hello Kitty phase and got this cute plush toy that can also be used as a backpack.

… So what did everyone else get? My older sister and her boyfriend got all seven Harry Potter books. My younger sister wanted scented candles, so that’s what she got. My nephew Nikolai got a toy car and a Christmas book. My boyfriend got scented candles, a «love you» mug, exercise equipment, candy, a jacket, and some other stuff.

Christmas in Norway is celebrated on December 24th. On Christmas morning children wake up to find stockings filled with candy, and when the clock strikes 4 PM they get dressed in their nicest outfits and join the rest of their family for a good, old-fashioned Christmas dinner before opening the presents under the tree. A typical Norwegian Christmas dinner tradition includes hot cinnamon porridge with a hidden almond. Whoever gets the almond wins something. In my family that «something» was always marzipan.

This year, we did things a little differently. I woke up around ten and started decorating my gingerbread cookies.

They turned out like this. I’m sure they would’ve been better if I had more time, but I was kind of in a hurry to get my makeup done and get going.

Because this year, on this day (known as «Lille julaften» – little Christmas eve), we were going to my mother in law for an early Christmas celebration/dinner.

Here they are; the best mother in law ever, and my future husband.

Her house was beautifully decorated!

Tried to use the Christmas tree light to create a cool picture effect. Not sure if I like it..

Tomorrow we’ll be opening presents. I can hardly wait!

There are many articles telling you how to catch a cheater. However, there are very few articles telling you what to do once you’ve caught them. Of course, the typical thing would be to just end the relationship and move on, but where’s the fun in that? Just because your heart’s broken doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun before telling them to get lost. So here they are; 10 genius, nasty, evil and fun ways to take revenge on a cheating partner.

If you’re a female and on your period, this is the perfect opportunity to cook your partner homemade spaghetti bolognese and mix your period blood into the tomato sauce.

If you have hard/cracked skin on your heels, you can also use a cheese grater on your heels and mix the hard, dead skin with the parmesan you put on top of the tomato sauce.

  Dip their toothbrush in toilet water, or even better: pee on it.

If you found out about the cheating by finding a used condom, your partner probably has more condoms laying around somewhere. Find them and poke holes in them using a pin.

Rub the condoms in with chili or rosehip seeds. Chili will cause pain, while rosehip will cause intense itching. Either way, you certainly wouldn’t want either of them anywhere near your genitals.

If your partner is cheating through social media with someone they’ve never met in real life, and who happens to live far away, you definitely want to find that persons full name and home address. While your partner is at work, pack all their belongings into bags and boxes, take them to your local post office and have everything sent to the person’s address. If that person happens to live in another country, it’s even better.

Buy a spy camera. Hide it somewhere around the house (like the bedroom) and get your partners affair on camera.  Once you have a sex tape, make a copy of it and put it on an empty CD or USB drive. Write something vague like «Play me» or «I know your secret» on it, go to the post office and mail it to your partner anonymously. Next week, you send your partner a picture of the two of them doing it. The week after, a pic of their car and license plate. Watch your partner become more and more paranoid and stressed out knowing their secret isn’t safe anymore. How long will it take before they break down and confess? (Keep in mind that blackmailing is a crime, so in order for this whole thing not to backfire, you must never threat or demand money from them).

Sell their stuff on eBay.

  Shrink all of their clothes in the washing machine. All of them. When your partner complains about the fact that nothing fits anymore, tell them that you actually have noticed them gaining a little weight lately. This works best if your partner is a female. It won’t take long before the pregnancy paranoia kicks in. For added effect: avoid having sex with them for at least a month prior to shrinking their clothes, so they know that if they happen to be pregnant, it’s probably not yours.

  Feed them laxatives. Yes, it’s shitty, but so is your partner.

If you like this blog post, share it with your friends. You could also share it with your cheating (ex) partner and tell them you’ve done one (but not which) of the things on this list and have them spend the rest of their life wondering ?.

Chemotherapy. It’s a strange word, isn’t it? When I was younger, chemo only meant one thing: losing your hair. It meant going bald and having to wear wigs. I used to be so scared of getting cancer because then I’d have to get chemo, and then my hair would fall out. Looking back, I honestly find it pathetic how the idea of losing my hair frightened me more than the idea of getting sick. And sadly, I think that to a lot of (healthy) girls, chemo is still all about losing your hair.

These past few days, chemotherapy has gotten a whole new meaning. What used to be just another word for «going bald», now means something else. It means hope. It means emotional strength. It means fighting an invisible battle. It also means holding back tears. It means worrying. It means pretending I’m fine when I’m not. It means trying to look at the bright side when the darkness seems overwhelming. It means not talking about it because I’m scared that if I open my mouth and say the words out loud, reality becomes too real, and there’s no turning back.

I don’t have cancer, but it was recently confirmed that a close family member of mine does. She’s starting chemo today, and I know there’s a long and difficult road ahead of her. I don’t believe in prayers, but I do believe in positive thoughts and wishes. So please send some her way.