Personal: this or that?

 Die in five minutes, or live forever? 
– Live forever. Why wouldn’t I wanna live forever? Seriously? Growing old and die is so overrated.

 Punch a baby or eat a kitten? 
– punch a baby.

 Dry eyes or a runny nose? 
– a runny nose. Shove a tampon up there, and I’m good to go!

 Become very small or become very big? 
– become very small. At least clothes will fit me then.

 One huge eye, or three tiny eyes? 
– Three tiny ones. Can you imagine having only one eye, and getting something in it? At least if I have three of them, I can still see.

 One dollar now, or two dollars tomorrow? 

– two dollars tomorrow.


Now it’s your turn. What would you choose? Tell me in the comment section!


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