Sleeping like an angel

Do you like my new sleepwear? It’s a set containing pants, shorts, a blouse, a top, a sleeping mask, and a hair tie. All in beautiful, comfortable, stylish pink satin. I’m usually not much of a pajamas person, but there’s something about December that makes me want to wake up early in my pajamas and sit in front of the TV with a cup of hot cocoa and watch Disney. Childhood memories, I guess. I used to do that every Christmas morning until I was 13, and it’s one of my favorite memories.

So this year I got myself a pajama – and let me tell you: they are so underrated! I slept like an angel! Funny how, as you grow older, you forget that everything’s better when you’re wearing satin. Haha ? .

On a less glamorous note: yesterday we discovered that one of our cats have worms, so it’s time to change into something a little less comfortable and go buy him some meds.



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