The easiest, best and cheapest way to fix cracked heels

Got dry, cracked heels? No worries, I know how to fix them! It’s actually very easy, and it won’t cost you much, either.

You’ll need plastic wrap, moisturizer (I like to use body butter because it makes my feet smell nice, but any moisturizer will do. Olive oil, baby oil, aloe vera gel or vaseline are also good choices), and a knife. The knife is optional.

01.♥ Start by cutting off all the dry, cracked, dead skin. Be careful not to cut any of the healthy skin underneath. This step is optional, but I prefer to do it because I see no point in carrying a lot of dead skin around on my feet. If you have a nail file, you can use this to smooth out the edges. I didn’t have one when taking these pictures.

02.♥  Once all the dead skin is removed and the edges smoothed out, coat your foot in a thick layer of moisturizer. Don’t worry that you’ll use too much. You won’t. If you think you’ve added too much moisturizer, add some more. If you chose not to remove the dead skin (step 1), you should add even more moisturizer.

Wrap your foot in plastic wrap and leave on for at least 1,5 hours. The longer, the better. Try not to move your feet too much while the moisturizer and plastic wrap works its magic. Sit back and watch TV, read a book, update your blog or get some sleep.

That’s all. When you unwrap your feet after a few hours, you’ll have the softest feet in town ?.


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