Unfortunately, memories don’t last forever

Happy birthday to my niece Emilie who’s turning 3 today! Relatives from both sides of her family gathered in the yard to celebrate her big day. Among them was my grandpa. I remembered that “grandpa’s having some trouble remembering things”, was one of the first things mom told me when she picked me up from the bus a few days ago, “so don’t feel insulted if he can’t remember your name, he doesn’t always remember mine either”. As heartbreaking as it is, people tend to forget when they get older. It’s a natural part of life. Grandpa’s almost 84 years old, so I was kinda expecting it.

What I did not expect, was having to introduce myself all over again. Not only had he forgotten my name, which I was prepared for, but he had also erased me completely from his memory. We were sitting there across the table from each other, and he asked me: “so, do you live nearby?”. I told him no. He then went on to tell me he lives in a red house close to the hospital and asked me if I was familiar with the area. I didn’t know how to respond to that. That’s when I realized he’d not only forgotten my name; he’d forgotten me. I tried not to take it to heart, because I know it’s nothing personal, but it just… Hurt.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the birthday girl. I’ve chosen to cover everyone’s faces to protect their identity.

I really like her dress. If I ever have a daughter, she’s gonna borrow this dress from her cousin Emilie. Haha.

Ain’t no party without cake!

The birthday princess and her cousin Nikolai (my brother’s kid). They’re close in age, so they can really enjoy each other’s company.


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