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As someone who’s been blogging for over ten years, I know a thing or two about blogging. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but here are a few things I’ve learned about blogging over the years.

01.♥ Copying another blogger. That’s right. You’ve probably seen thousands of popular bloggers showing off the same items, doing the same poses in pictures, traveling to the same locations – and that’s cool, as long as you make your own twist to it. What you really want to avoid is copying outfits, writing style and name. For example, if your favorite blogger’s name is Amara, don’t call yourself Samara. You may think it’s a good thing that people see your name and instantly think of another, more popular blogger, but actually, it isn’t. It gives off the whole ‘wannabe’ vibe, and no one likes a wannabe. People don’t read blogs to read the same content on ten different platforms, so if you really want to make a name for yourself in the blogging world, the key is to bring something new to the table.

02.♥ Choosing the wrong username. You should take some time to reflect on the name that you’re going to use in your blog’s address (link). Keep it short and easy to remember. If you name your blog Elizabeth894554, chances are, you won’t get any visitors because people can’t remember your blog’s address. Try to avoid numbers if you can, unless the numbers are very important. For example, if you write a blog about what it’s like to be a mother at fourteen, usernames such as 14andpregnant or 14withababy are good choices. Otherwise, avoid numbers. Using your own name, while easy to remember, doesn’t really say much about the content of your blog, so if you have a niche, try adding that to the username instead. For example, if your name is Elizabeth Jones and you write about your passion for baking, instead of naming your blog ElizabethJones dot com, try ElizabethsCupcakes, CupcakesByElizabeth, HappyBaking, or anything related to that.

03.♥ Too much text and not enough space. Are you familiar with the “wall of text” situation? What this means is that the entire blog post is written as one long wall of text, with no space between the lines. I know it works for some books, but it definitely doesn’t work on the internet.

04.♥ Shitty design. Shitty doesn’t necessarily mean unprofessional. It can also be that your design is too complicated. Having a professional blog design is important because people are visual creatures and more likely to read a blog if it looks good, but your blog shouldn’t look too complicated, either. People need to know where they can find your “about me” page, your archive, categories and how to leave comments. Also, don’t have videos or songs play automatically. Nobody likes that. Trust me.

05.♥ Having pop up’s. I don’t care how good your blog is; if I’m being attacked by pop up’s as soon as I enter, I won’t come back. Pop up’s are the blog’s version of a nagging mother. Just f*ck off and let me read in peace!

As a general rule, you should always include either a photo or a video in every blog post. People like to look at things. Needless to say, you should always try to take the pictures yourself, but if you can’t – for whatever reason that might be – using stock photos once in a while are a lifesaver. Just make sure you’re actually allowed to use them. Below are some websites that’ll let you use their pictures for free.



Since people can’t hear your voice through your written words, knowing when you’re being angry, sarcastic or telling a joke, can be tricky and cause lots of misunderstandings. That’s why we have emojis. Mark the emoji you want, right click on it, select ‘copy’ and paste it into your own blog post, wherever you want it. It’s that simple.

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